There is always a lot to say about the Adidas brand, and it will be extremely flawed when there is a lack of stories about a pair of shoes with the name “Adidas” legendary.

That is the Adidas Stan Smith – for those who love sports shoes, the name must not be too strange. And you? Do you know what Stan Smith is? Have you understood all about the Adidas Stan Smith shoes?

What is Stan Smith?

The Stan smith is the legendary Adidas shoe with an image of Stan Smith on the tongue of the shoe. But in terms of original origins, these were the first leather shoes born for tennis athletes. And very soon, Stan Smith became a legend.

Even for many people who are not too familiar with sneakers, you will easily recognize the cult design of these Stan Smith shoes. Simple and delicate smooth leather surface with 3 parallel rows of holes instead of the traditional three-stripe Adidas logo helps the body is covered with elegant white tones.


The highlight of Stan Smith is the heel and the reed, which is added with an array of color and has the name of the once legendary tennis player and also the name of this sneaker line. Perhaps few people doubt that this minimalist design by Stan Smith is the reason why it has become one of the names that will last forever.

Today, the Adidas Stan Smith shoes are a timeless fashion icon, have a strong influence on the fashion world and are loved by shoe lovers. Many young people are so mad that they collect all the different colors of Stan Smith, enough to show how beloved Stan Smith is.

How many popular colors are Stan Smith?

Over nearly 50 years of age, Stan Smith has many color versions released around the world. However, there are only 3 classic colors of Stan Smith that will last the same year: blue heels, black heels and full white.

Adidas Stan Smith blue heels


This is the original Stan Smith shoe model since its inception with a green heel tree that feels fresh and pleasant to customers.

Currently, there are many different versions born, but these are still the most favorite shoes for young people. Blue represents a strong life, people who like this color are often very comfortable, sociable, making everyone around them feel very comfortable.

Adidas Stan Smith black heels


It’s a basic color, but it’s impressive. Black color represents the mysterious mystery to the ladies and the elegance and elegance to the gentlemen. Although the entire upper part is white, when combined with the navy-blue black of the heels, it brings a softer and softer. These shoes are often chosen by people who are quite quiet and love simplicity.

Adidas Stan Smith All White Shoes


All the shoes are covered in white, evoking purity and elegance, exuding innocence on girls’ feet and elegance and elegance for boys. This is also one of the most popular youth color schemes because it can be combined with countless flexible outfits.

Above are some of the popular colors of Adidas Stan Smith shoes, if you intend to own one of these shoes, you can refer to color versions of Stan Smith shoes at feemik.

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