How to Choose Jewelry That Matches Your Skin Color

Jewelry is one of the very important accessories for women in modern society. They are small, lovely items that decorate the body parts such as necklaces, earrings, rings … and are usually made of stones, gold, silver or some other material. Although these jewelry items are small but have martial arts, they honor the beauty of women, making them look more attractive in the eyes of men. Depending on the variety of designs and sophistication, you can use them in different occasions, but not everyone knows, the beauty of jewelry can only be fully utilized if it suits your natural skin tone.

How to determine your skin color

There are many different skin colors. Specifically, each skin color has a different shade of color that will suit different jewelry colors. The first thing when considering choosing jewelry colors to enhance your beauty is the warmth or coolness of your skin. Take a look at skin on your wrists and examine them under natural light. If you have warm-toned skin, the veins under your skin are green. On the other hand, if the skin in that area is covered with blue or purple heart, then you have cold skin type.

How to choose jewelry suitable for each skin color

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Warm tones

As the name suggests, warm skin is skin with warm colors such as yellow, red, orange, pink, iridescent … and these are also colors that are suitable for warm skin tones. . Among the above colors, iridescent is the perfect choice. Besides, white stones like diamonds also easily show off the beauty of warm skin tones.

Cold-tone skin

The opposite of warm colors is cool color gamut – the other half of the palette; specific colors such as green, blue, purple, and silver. This is also the color that she has cold skin tone to pay attention to when choosing jewelry. In addition, the girls can also change the wind with some warm color jewelry to not become boring.

Bright white skin

For girls with bright white skin, light, light-toned jewelry such as nude tones, light beige or brown and pastel colors are the smartest choice. Colors that are too bright or too dark will overwhelm the beauty of the skin instead of honoring it. However, if used in the right circumstances, dark color jewelry still helps you to flaunt your beauty perfectly.

Medium skin

You may not know, but this is really the easiest skin to go with jewelry. If you own this skin congratulations, you can freely experiment with a variety of colors: warm or cold tones, light or dark, or even “fastidious” neon colors are also easily compatible with your skin. However, with metallic or silver sheen, you need to clearly define your skin tone to ensure that the color will help you look the brightest, most radiant.

Dark skin

Have you ever felt inferior because of your dark skin, but you dare not bring bright and colorful jewelry? Don’t worry, the darker the skin, the more color it needs to be added to become brighter. There are certain principles that dark skinned girls need to keep in mind. First, you should not wear bright white jewelry, because it is so contrasting that completely deflects the background color – your skin. Instead, you should choose jewelry in cream white, ivory white or pink white. Also avoid dark colors like brown, black, and some special colors like magenta, light green, and turquoise.

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