Jewelry always has an undeniable attraction. Sparkling diamonds combined with gold materials, all crafted under the craftsman’s skillful and sophisticated hands – offer products that can make anyone fall in love.

And that is what can be described about the BST Flora coming from DHK Jewelry. You will not have to store them carefully or just use them for special occasions but can completely wear them every day, in your own style.

Noble and luxurious with BST Hera

Inspired by the queen of Greek gods, the Hera collection is based on Clematis – a vibrant, vibrant climbing flower. Taking advantage of the sophisticated lines and skillful crafting techniques on 14K rose gold, adding sparkling diamonds to bring sophistication to the wearer. Simple but still able to cut anyone’s heart.

Bring the meaning of intelligence, ingenuity and cunning. The collection is a perfect logo for a modern woman, both inheriting the tradition, and continuing and building up her strengths to perfect her beauty. It is strength, self-control, confidence, dare to think, dare to do, love and care for yourself, the ability to control your life, achieve your own achievements without the need of men – a The smart, brilliant woman – like the goddess Hera herself – stood up for herself even before the most powerful god!

Seductive, sweet with Aphrodite collection

Bringing the beauty of the goddess of Beauty and Love, Aphrodite’s collection is conveyed with perfection in each design line. The image of the rose is fully utilized with the rose gold color from 14K gold material and the diamond studded in the middle helps to embellish the beauty of the woman.


Elegant and sophisticated with Laurel BST

It is difficult to define elegance but its expression is so clear. It is the gesture, the way to talk, a beautiful smile and behave even in the smallest things. A girl who shines with an elegant, non-fancy manner and doesn’t need makeup.

And that is the message DHK Jewelry wants to convey through Laurel BST. Inspired by the laurel wreath symbolizing luck, power and strength. The collection uses the most perfect and sophisticated material from 14K white gold and pure diamonds.


Delicate and beautiful, the Laurel Collection will be the perfect highlight for any outfit or event.

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