Balenciaga Speed Trainers shoes


The model of shoes that “wobbles” the world, from 2017 and to 2018 is still not hot, no stranger to the famous Balenciaga Speed Trainer. With a “heavenly” price and too difficult to buy by hand, how can shoe lovers be able to own this super product? Should we “say yes” with the pair of Balenciaga Speed Trainers real? Along with the following small hints.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers shoes are subtly designed in each line

As the top “non-traditional” shoe model of the Balenciaga brand, as soon as it was released, the Speed Trainer caused storms on social networks, favored by many stars and fashionista. This is a typical example of “wear like not wearing” sock shoes, completely removing the laces, you just need to put your feet on the shoes to go easily.


The fabric of this pair is always a secret that many buyers admire. Good elasticity, perfect shoe form, both foot hug and no air suffocation, the line from toe to neck is sturdy, no folds or leaves after a period of use. The strange thing is that there is no seam on the shoe except the seam behind the heel, all other curves are woven in the form, this point the Balenciaga Speed Trainer replica did.

The sole is always the pride of the Balenciaga brand. Monolithic base with unique block-forming details, curved base tip, hugging high to the upper part, friction-creating patterns are also very fancy.

Minimalistic colors, but gives the “ultimate” class

Pure white is Balenciaga Speed Trainer white with white body and sole, only the black Balenciaga text stands out on the shoe body. In contrast, pure black, with 3 “shades” of black personality from glossy black for the sole, deep black for the body and shoe collar, is the Balenciaga Speed Trainer triple black. The version that is always on the shelf is black white with black body and white base, the perfect combination between the two most basic colors.

As a near-perfect imitation of the original shoe, the Balenciaga Speed Trainer rep 11 is a much more affordable price tag, almost 1/10 less than the original $ 545 for the product. The most difficult point is that the weaving technology for shoe body sewing has also been implemented. You need to carefully consider the Balenciaga word printed on the fabric. fake with replica price. The collar is very stretchy, as the elastic is woven in the form and does not have any other intentions, you need to try it out to check the shoe’s grip.



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