Accessories come with an office bag for a girl who likes ropes

Women's handbag accessories

These must be items for girls with strong personalities or those who are extremely fond of “ropes”. Mixing office bags with these gout is difficult but easy. Refer to the following tips to set clothes that both show your personality and satisfy your preferences without becoming cumbersome!

Cross bag

With small cross-type handbags usually for feminine girls. This handbag pattern comes with accessories usually tags, soft fur animals, brand tags or fabric bow to create accents for the bag. The advice for you when you want to attach accessories for these bags, choose the right size accessories should not be too big, but cover our main character.

Most of the tags are suitable to go with cross-bags, just a little subtlety you will mix them to become a trend for office girls right away.

Women's bags for cotton accessories
Women’s bags for cotton accessories

For handheld

Hand-held purses often with large versions will not be suitable for accessories. However, with small wallets, folding wallets can add cotton, tassel to create highlights and a prettier wallet. Note for this line of purses that the tassel part is not too long but not too short, usually the length of the fringe is equal to or slightly longer than the length of the wallet. Cotton accessories should not be too big, cotton is short, small, many cotton, colorful or long cotton with a diameter no longer than the width of the wallet.

Tote bag

Tote bags are wide mouth bags, often this type of bags is rarely mixed with accessories and tags are not very suitable. The function of the bag is to simplify the outfit and hold a lot of items, so it’s best to avoid mixing any accessories when using this bag!

Women's handbag accessories
Women’s handbag accessories

Satchel bag

Mid-size bags are the leading line in the trend of mixing accessories for handbags. Therefore, they are quite diverse and easy to mix with tags, cotton, bow. Especially if you are an office girl who likes lightness, the fabric bow will be quite suitable. Note choosing fabric to not make the bag sink, old and “lost”. The ribbons are usually tied on one side and are merely a bow, so adding other types will make the bag look confusing but no longer luxurious. The tie should not be too big or too small to balance the bag, so the set will look more harmonious.

Always remember to choose accessories to mix with work bags to highlight your bags, not overdo it, but lose the beauty of the bag you are using. Https:// office handbag address is chosen by many young people.

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